Kri.3000 orbits Venus as part of the Cytherean Body project. Her site is provided to you by the Venusian Performance Council and run and monitored by Kri.3000 herself. Navigate through the website to explore her work and make requests!




Welcome to Cytherean Body! Kri.3000 is a performer employed and hosted by the Venusian Performance Council. Kri orbits upper Venus living in her designated Pod and spends her time making music, videos and exploring the online world. Her designated role as an interactive performer means she creates her own work, takes requests and engages through chat, email and post. If you would like to request content please create an email enquiry and Kri will be sure to get back to you asap.

Certain features are charged extra, details will follow in email correspondance.
Thank you for visiting Kri.3000 today!

Address: Venusian Performers Council.  23° 11’ 06” . ≥ 30° FOA Kri.3000